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Introducing Dr. John Gottman

Dr. John Gottman

John M. Gottman, PhD is the Executive Director of the Relationship Research Institute, a non-profit research institute dedicated to marriage, family and child developmental research. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle and is one of the leading research scientists in the world on marriage, relationships and family.

Dr. Gottman is the author of over 130 journal articles and has authored, coauthored or edited over 30 books, including “Why Marriages Succeed or Fail,” “The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child,” (Simon and Schuster), “What Predicts Divorce?” (L. Erlbaum Assoc.), “The Marriage Clinic” (W.W. Norton); “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,” and “The Mathematics of Marriage, Dynamic Non-linear Models,” (MIT Press).

Dr. Gottman has conducted seminars, lectures and workshops throughout the world for his academic colleagues in the field of psychology and family relations. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs such as 20/20, Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, Eye to Eye, NPR’s Fresh Air, BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries, among others.

Dr. Gottman and his wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman are the founding co-directors of The Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington.

Introducing Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman

Dr. Julie Schwartz GottmanJulie Schwartz Gottman, PhD is the Clinical Director for both The Gottman Institute and the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, Washington, and is Director of The Gottman Institute’s Relationship Clinic. In private practice, she specializes in work with individuals and couples who suffer from marital distress, childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, or cancer. In 2002, she was awarded the Distinguished Psychologist of the Year by the Washington State Psychological Association.

Together with The Gottman Institute co-founder and husband Dr. John Gottman, she conducts the Gottman Method Marital Therapy, A Research Based Approach workshops, Advanced Study and Certification training programs, as well as The Art and Science of Love weekend workshops for couples. For the Relationship Research Institute, she is developing the curriculum for the Bringing Baby Home Workshop Leaders training program. She is co-author and editor for the upcoming book, The Marriage Clinic Case Book (Norton).

She has been a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows throughout the United States and Canada, and has served as a consultant for several national TV programs including ABC’s 20/20 and is featured in Discovery Health Channel’s relationship series, “The Love Lab.”

Bringing Baby Home Certified Gottman Master Educators

Carolyn PirakCarolyn Pirak, CGE, LICSW, ICCE
National Program Director, BBH Certification Program

Carolyn Pirak holds a Masters in Social Work degree and is both a Certified Gottman Educator and a Certified Childbirth Educator. Carolyn currently works for the Relationship Research Institute under the direction of John Gottman, PhD and for Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, as a Family Educator. Carolyn has published several journal articles. She is married and is the mother of 2 children.

Joni ParthemerJoni Parthemer, M. Ed., CGE, ICCE
Education Director, BBH Certification Program

Joni Parthemer holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and is both a Certified Gottman Educator and a Certified Childbirth Educator. She currently works for the Relationship Research Institute as the BBH CT Education Director. Joni is a faculty member of the Seattle Midwifery School and a Family Educator at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Joni has developed and published a variety of training materials for educators interested in supporting families. She is married and is the mother of two children.

Dr. Alyson ShapiroAlyson F. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Research Director, BBH Certification Program

Dr. Alyson Shapiro has a doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the University of Washington. She is the Research Director of the BBH CT Program, and is a co-investigator with John Gottman on the BBH Project at the Relationship Research Institute. She has experience in both research and teaching and has been working with Dr. John Gottman since 1995. She is interested in family dynamics with a specific focus on the emotional and social development of the infant within the family system. Dr. Shapiro has numerous publications in the areas of marriage, infant development, co-parenting and family dynamics.

Becky Thatcher
BBH CT Program Coordinator

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